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We are an organization of friends and family that join together for an equine event of sorting.  If you are a horse enthusiast and want to experience an exciting sport then sorting is for you!  If you would like to come out and see what sorting is all about then visit our show schedule page for the next date!


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June 13th show will be here before you know it and we encourage everone to pre-submit your entries for the #12 HC and the #6 w/3incentive - 2 man Classes ONLY. You can submit your entries between Sunday (anytime) before the show and Wednesday by 3 PM, the week of the show.

 See Details Below...

  • Current members only! New members or returning members that have not ridden in the 2015 year will have to submit entries at the show, along with the membership form
  • Please separate the two classes entries. Example:

    #12HC – Nema Davis/ John Doe
    #12HC – Nema Davis/Jane Doe

    #6 HC – Nema Davis / John Doe
    #6 HC – Nema Davis / Jane Doe
  • Entries must include first and last name of riders.
  • Email your entries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If an emergency arises and you are unable to make the show after submitting your pre-entry, call or text 225-328-7430.

ON THE DAY OF THE SHOWPlease take note the change for when the books close for the #6 w/3 incentive class.  We will close the books for this class at 10:30 am.  The class will start no earlier than 12 Pm (noon).  

 Shootout for Buckles – 3 man Team Sorting – to begin at the January Show. Ride 7 times and you ride will qualify for a ride in the Shootout the following month. For every 5 rides after that, you will earn another spot.  If exhibitor rides only the shootout, it will not count towards Attendance. Exhibitor must ride normal class to get attendance. The shootout rides earned will take place at the following month’s show. Qualifying rides will not carry over if you do not attend.  Buckles will be awarded for 1 st place and have already been purchased or donated. 


2015 SLTSA Operating Agreement and Rule Book

 Click here for 2015 schedule.    



2015 Board Members

Charlotte Blanchard

Nema Davis

Lisa Diez

Jamie Graves Grezaffi

Bryan Guidry

Donald (Pickwick) Hedge

Ronnie Horn

Troy Rue

Andrew Zito





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If you would like to see pictures or videos from finals please go to:

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