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We are an organization of friends and family that join together for an equine event of sorting.  If you are a horse enthusiast and want to experience an exciting sport then sorting is for you!  If you would like to come out and see what sorting is all about then visit our show schedule page for the next date! 


Next Board Meeting:

MEETING LOCATION HAS CHANGED ......Thursday November 20, 2014 @ Louis Mouch Civic Center - Arena... Meeting to start at 7 p.m. See below for Agenda.  


Attention All Members!


2015 Ratings Memo:


Ordinarily we (the board) do not lower a member’s rating unless they specifically asked for this to occur.  Therefore, any member that wishes to be considered for a reduction in rating should email the board on or before December 1st, 2014 , asking for such consideration.  If you feel your rating needs to be reduced we encourage you to email the secretary at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


         Article III Section J. - If the exhibitor disputes the rating, he/she must contact the BOD in writing and request a reconsideration of their rating. The President will then have the request placed on the agenda at the next   scheduled BOD meeting. If an SLTSA sanctioned event date precedes the board meeting, the exhibitor must participate at the rating previously determined by the BOD. If the BOD determines (after an exhibitor’s request for reconsideration) that a riders rating  should be adjusted, the President will notify the exhibitor of the rating change.  If the rating is adjusted, the adjusted rating will apply immediately.




·        Board Meeting Agenda - November 20, 2014, WBR School Board Office


1.      Proposed 2015 Class Schedule:


  • Sr Youth
  • Jr Youth
  • Open Ranch Sorting w/handicap
  • #8 Ranch Sorting w/ 4 incentive
  • Shootout for Buckles – 3 man Team Sorting – to begin at the February show.   Shootout rides will be earned at each show by riding a specified number of times (to be determined).  The shootout rides earned will take place at the following month’s show.  Buckles will be awarded for 1 st place.  
  • #17 – 3 man Team Sorting w/ 10 incentive
  • #14 Team Penning w/ 9 incentive


2.     Possible Rulebook Concerns


3.     Any other items approved for discussion by the board.


 Returning Board Members:

Bryan Guidry, Lisa Diez

Newly Elected Board Members

2 Yr Term:

Charlotte Blanchard, Donald Pickwick Hedge, Troy Rue, Andrew Zito

1 Yr Term:

Nema Davis, Jamie Graves Grezaffi, Tara Wilson




 Click here for 2015 schedule.    



2014 Board Members

Robert Davis

Lisa Diez

Robin Free

Bryan Guidry

Wayne McManus

Johnie Romero

Books close 8am.  Show starts 9m.

Show schedule will run as follows:

Masters Class

#10 class 2-man

#6 class 2-man

Jr Youth - 2 man

Sr Youth - 3 man

Team Penning #14 class

#17 class 3 man

#12 class  3-man

#6 class 3-man



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If you would like to see pictures from finals please go to:

They do offer a cd of all of your pics for entire weekend for $75. You Can add another rider for $25.

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